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Josh Wallenstein For Texas House Of Representatives – District 138

Josh Wallenstein cares about critical issues that impact District 138. He believes, among other things, in high-quality universal public education, effective flood control, and access to affordable health care for all Texans.



As the product of public schools and proud father of a public school student, I know that voters demand good schools.

Public education is a constitutional right and a moral obligation. Over 90% of our county’s kids go to public schools. Tragically, over the past decade Texas has cut education funding more than every other state but Oklahoma.

While we increasingly reduce our public schools of critical state funding, we simultaneously handicap the ability of our local districts to make up those gaps with local tax assessments. Even worse, under current Robin Hood legislation, we send money from poor districts with high property taxes (like Spring Branch and Cy-Fair) to rich districts with lower property tax values.

 We can improve public school results by improving inputs and infrastructure.

Together, we can:

  • Increase state funding for teacher pay and benefits
  • Renovate Robin Hood to ensure equitable distribution of funding
  • Limit standardized testing and “teaching to the test”
  • Incorporate paid internships and workforce training into local curricula
  • Maximize external cost control resources (like the county’s Department of Ed) to keep more money in our schools, where it belongs

Flood Control

The incumbent has had 16 years to invest in aggressive flood control.  Disastrously, our district bore the brunt of his inaction.

Lives and memories were ruined forever. With foresight and energy in Austin, it could have been prevented.

Together, we can:

  • Use the multi-billion dollar Rainy Day Fund to prevent more flooding catastrophes
  • Actively engage with federal, county and city stakeholders to secure critical infrastructure funding
  • Prioritize improvements to existing reservoirs, including dredge work, excavation, and-when possible-expansion
  • Improve the retaining and runoff capacity of tributaries, bayous, and retention ponds
  • Assess risks and quality of roadways and bridges in threatened areas
  • Immediately locate, fund and build a third reservoir in Northwest Houston

Affordable Health Care

Good health is a priority for all Texans.  At the same time, more than half of all Texans say they struggle on a daily basis to afford health care.  (2019 Episcopal Health Survey)

Faced with costs they can’t afford, 60% of Texans say that they or someone in their household skipped or postponed health care needs.  Meanwhile, Texan taxpayers pay around $5.5 billion in uncompensated care each year when Texas emergency rooms  treat uninsured patients.  In fact, Texas has both the highest uninsured rate and the biggest coverage gap in the country.

Yet, over the next decade, Texas will be sending over $36 billion of our health care dollars to other states because Dwayne Bohac and his cronies won’t extend Medicaid.  The incumbent voted to take the billions of dollars of healthcare we’ve already paid for and send them back to Washington!

The incumbent doesn’t care whether we have to skip dental visits, delay necessary tests, or cut our pills in half.  He doesn’t care about the thousands of families in his district that cannot afford insurance and the resulting rise in health care costs for the rest of us.

Together, we can:

  • Take our money back by extending Medicaid under current rules
  • Increase state-sponsored Medicaid payments to encourage more physicians to participate
  • Expand Medicaid coverage to reduce fatalities for new babies and their new mothers
  • Ensure that children on Medicaid don’t lose coverage due to procedural errors and delays

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