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Josh Wallenstein For Texas House Of Representatives – District 138

Josh Wallenstein is a native Texan fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He is also an accomplished attorney and ethics and compliance expert.

Vision & Values

For well over a decade, Josh’s legal practice has focused on fighting laziness and self-dealing by government officials. He believes that the current politicians in Austin focus on the wrong priorities. Among other things, they fail to adequately educate our children, invest in flood control, and ensure access to affordable health care for all Texans. He knows that we deserve better, and he will bring fiscal responsibility and good governance to Austin.

As both a lawyer and a concerned citizen, Josh has successfully driven for positive change in public life. He knows first-hand how important a quality education is to the residents of his district: he is the product of public schools and the father of a public school student, and his two brothers are public school teachers. His decision to run for office is based in part on his commitment to public schools and fair public school financing.

Josh also understands all too well the impact of inadequate infrastructure. For too long, officials in Austin have resisted adequate flood control investment in Houston. By prioritizing infrastructure improvements, he will fight to reduce the devastating impact of future flooding.

As a past endorsed candidate, the Houston Chronicle noted that Josh “was chief compliance officer of a major corporation.”  Noting that he “has already demonstrated his ability to incite action,” Josh could bring to an elected role the crucial skills of “minimizing waste, fraud and abuse, conflict of interest and self-dealing and maximizing efficiencies for schools.”  (The Houston Chronicle, Opinion:  Wallenstein and Norris for Democrats, February 18, 2018.)

Public service has always been Josh’s passion. He has served in both Washington, DC (for Congressman J.J. Pickle) and as an intern in the Texas Capitol. As a law student, he also volunteered to serve both the United Nations (at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania) and the Organization of American States (at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica).

Due to an unexpected death, Josh and his brother Eric were raised for many years by a single mom. With the support of his community and good public schools, however, Josh excelled and ultimately graduated from Stanford Law School. He wants all Texas children to have great opportunities, and feels that the time for him to give back is now.

Professionally, Josh now leads The Wallenstein Law Group, a boutique law firm located in the district. He is a published author (in English and Spanish) and frequent public speaker on ethics and compliance-related issues. He is also a Board Member of the TRACE Foundation (a non-profit dedicated to increasing transparency and decreasing corruption) and the Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association, and is a dedicated member of other local anti-corruption and compliance groups.

Josh is a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. He is married to Luciana, a trilingual Brazilian national and now a naturalized Texan. He is also the proud father of his son Noah…and of a ferocious Mexican toy poodle named Teka.

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